About maxfolmer
Maximilian Folmer
studied Industrial Design in Eindhoven and Sonology at the University of Utrecht in the Netherlands and was more than 10 years staff lecturer at the art academy. Folmer produces more than 20 CDs. In 1995 he founded the Internet company Shanta Design in what has become Shanta Design Webtechnologie. Max Folmer has a graduated professional voice actor training at Leiden and is also available as voice-over for: documentaries, corporate films, reports, advertisements, infomercials etc. By specializing radio news, documentaries and commercials. He has completed the training for newsreader at the Veronica Radioschool at Hilversum.

Almost all of my music is electronical music made with keyboards, samplers, by me designed soundscapes and sound samplers. Electronical music is only limited by his performer. There are no boundaries. For the accoustic instrumental parts of the music I invited some of the best instrumentalists. Who played the composed music and gave it a nice jazzy touch in the improvisation parts.